The role of the Bible Society consists of giving assistance to Churches – its partners- to identify translation needs and facilitate the recruitment of trans


The role of the Bible Society consists of giving assistance to Churches – its partners- to identify translation needs and facilitate the recruitment of translators while providing them with the necessary expertise and financial help.


Scriptures are produced in a wide variety of versions and formats: Bibles, Testaments, portions, brochures, selections, in Braille, on cassettes and CD-Rom. Particular attention is given to formats to meet the needs of different audiences – children, teenagers, young, adults, the visually impaired and the blinds.


Every year, bible Societies throughout the world distribute more than 5 million biblical publications through various channels – churches, bookshops, schools and volunteers.

Bible Societies subsidize most of its publications. Moreover, every year special programs are established for the needy: underprivileged children, juvenile delinquents, sick people, the afflicted, illiterates or those who cannot read, old aged people, refugees and so on.

Being aware that a percentage of the population is either illiterate or cannot read properly, to meet this demand, the Bible Society publishes easy-reading selections and booklets for new readers. These materials are used by literacy agencies and schools as educational tools of high value, having a double advantage – social and religious


Violence pe briz lavenir nou zenfan (Violence is ruining our children’s future) is the theme chosen for this campaign. “Cases reported to the police show clearly that there is an upsurge of violence in the country. This is why we want to sensitize Mauritians. The Bible Society has adopted since last year a holistic approach which means that the Society is not only working towards the spiritual well-being of Mauritians but as well as towards their social and physical well-being.” said Mr. Marc Etive, Executive Director of the Bible Society in his speech.

The collaborators in this campaign are the Council of Religions, which works towards the promotion of Peace between different cultures and religious beliefs; KINOUTE (Who we are), an association which works for the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners and help them regain their dignity, the Police Department – responsible for the education and prevention among the youth; the Ombudsperson for Children’s Office, the Child Development Unit of the Ministry of Women’s Rights, Child Development, Family Welfare and Consumer Protection, the National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers (NATReSA). For the President of the NATReSA, Mr. Gerard LESAGE, who was himself a drug addict in the past, spirituality is the backbone in the Rehabilitation of drug abusers.

The Society received also the participation of the NGO SAFIRE, which focuses on the training, integration and rehabilitation of street children. “These children are thousands who have experienced violence in its different forms and are themselves potential aggressors” said Mr. Etive on the Press Conference held on the same day. He added that in 2008, the Bible Society will continue the awareness campaign in particular among children and youth.

Each individual is an actor in this fight against violence and today the Bible Society and stakeholders of this project, have taken concerted action through the publication of this selection” are the words of Mrs. Homa MUNGAPEN, the President of the Council of Religions on the unveiling ceremony. She encouraged the Bible Society to put the texts in the form of a sketch for schools. 3000 Posters and 100,000 selections have been distributed among the population.


In December 2007, the Bible Society in collaboration with SAFIRE – Service d’Accompagnement , de Formation, d’Intégration et de Réhabilitation de l’Enfant – an NGO, which focuses on the training, integration and rehabilitation of street children, organised a three-day workshop for a group of 40 children from various parts of the island, at the Bible Society Resource Centre in Trou aux Biches. Their main activity during the workshop was on crafts works, which were exhibited on the last day. They had also a half day session with Mr. Lewis Dick, a Mauritian woodcarver, internationally known, who has a school of wood carving for children of an underprivileged region, where he himself lives. Before introducing his art to them, the latter gave a testimony on his life story – riddled with difficulties – which touched the children a lot. He encouraged them to go beyond their own problems and to take life as a challenge.

Mr. Marc Etive, the Director of the Bible Society addressed the children on God’s love for his children and gave them a message of hope. He then donated booklets to colour to the Director of SAFIRE for distribution among those children.