Guest House

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Society Resource Center (Guest House) –Trou aux Biches

At the time the Bible Society was looking for a portion of land to have its own Bible House, the Ministry of Housing and Lands was approached to have a parcel of the crown land on lease. The Society’s request was met in 1992 but unfortunately the place – situated on the North East coastline – is not convenient for a Bible House location. However, the Board decided that the Bible Society would keep the land with a view to having a Resource Center for the youth.

The objective of having a resource center is to create a sound environment, which will help in the harmonious development of the youth, through training workshops, retreats, and so on and also offer programs for them, in partnership with Churches and NGOs to equip them to deal with the difficulties of life and dangers such as alcohol abuse, drugs, HIV aids, etc. Due to lack of funds, the project was put aside for some years. In year 2000, as the then government intended to take back unused portions of lands granted to social and community organizations, the Bible Society decided to have at least some amenities set up there. On a site visit, members of the Project Committee found to their great surprise that squatters occupied the portion of land.

Consequently, the Bible Society decided to start legal procedures to recover the portion of land but despite all its efforts, it had to accept the Ministry’s offer for another portion of land, in a different place. The reason put forward by the Ministry was that it would have cost a lot of money to the Government to demolish the constructions.

Since May 1992, the Bible Society obtained a new portion of land situated in Trou aux Biches, on the Northern coast. Despite the funds constraint the Board decided to construct a hall and necessary amenities for camping in order to be in line with the Ministry’s requirements as regards the time limit. However, an architect who is a committed Christian came with a proposal of a building comprising of dormitories, a conference hall and other facilities. He offered his services free of charge and his help to have very interesting bargains from his contacts for building materials. Following on, the Board decided to go into a project of the construction of a one storey-building of 688m2.

The project plan consisted also of a play ground but up to now, works have not yet started as the Bible Society’s funds are very limited. The Society relies on the financial help of individuals to realize this part of the project, which costs are approximately between US$ 5,000 to 6,000. Click here to contribute

Since July 2007, the center has started its operations and has accommodated many youth groups, mainly on week-ends and during school holidays. It comprises of 4 dormitories , which can accommodate 60 people per night, 2 dining rooms, a kitchen, a meeting room, a conference room, which total amount of people accommodation turns around 150 , 1 bathroom block, 1 toilet block, a single bedroom for group counselors and a water closet.

The Bible Society coincided its 195th anniversary with the Centre’s official opening which took place in December 2008.