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Job Description

Executive Director, Bible Society Of Mauritius

 Title:                          Executive Director

Appointed by:          Board of Bible Society of Mauritius

Accountable to:        Board of Bible Society of Mauritius

Responsible for:

Initiating, coordinating and supervising all aspects of the programme of the Society, and specifically:

  1. Serving the people of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Réunion and outer islands by:
  • planning and implementing Scripture publishing programmes to ensure wide and effective distribution of the Scriptures:
  • developing new Scripture products on the basis of careful market research to meet the needs of different audiences in the country, in consultation with the churches and other users;
  • supervising the administration of the Society’s translation programme in the languages of the country;
  • developing and improving Scripture distribution channels;
  • ensuring adequate Scripture supplies within the context of the annual budget.
  1. Serving the board of the Society in accordance with the Society’s statutes by:
  • carrying out the day-to-day management of the Society;
  • acting without power of attorney in the name of the Society;
  • preparing agendas for meetings of the board and of other bodies established by the Society
  • recording minutes of the Board meetings and of other bodies established by the Society as well as those of the General Assembly
  • following up on meetings of the board and of other bodies established by the Society by ensuring adequate/timely minutes are circulated to relevant members and other records are kept
  • ensuring the execution of board decisions
  • reporting regularly to the board on all important aspects of the Society’s activities;
  • providing supervision of the financial operations of the Society, including the use of capital and income to ensure the best possible use of fiscal resources;
  • ensuring that the physical assets of the Society, including buildings, furniture, Scripture stocks and motor vehicles are properly maintained and protected against theft or damage;
  • ensuring the provision of realistic budgets and accurate audited accounts of the Society’s activities according to the Registrar of Associations and UBS requirements. This includes the maintenance of adequate records and proper management of the production and distribution of Scriptures and other materials;
  • serving as a member of the board with the right to vote
  • carrying out such other tasks as may from time to time be assigned by the board.
  1. Serving the staff of the Society by:
  • hiring the staff required to carry out the work in consultation with the board.
  • exercising leadership and supervision of their work, and providing the necessary delegation of responsibilities;
  • setting goals for the staff in consultation with them and in conformity with the policies and programmes established by the board, and monitoring their progress;
  • providing staff with the training necessary to carry out their duties and equip them for promotion to higher responsibilities;
  • ensuring adequate salaries and benefits in accordance with law and principles established by the board;
  • ensuring adequate personnel records for legal and taxation purposes;
  • establishing and managing branch offices of the Society as approved by the board;
  1. Serving the churches by:
  • developing and maintaining close and effective relationships with all churches and with Christian organisations involved in Bible work;
  • promoting the Bible cause among the Churches through Scripture distribution;
  • planning and implementing fund-raising programmes in order to promote support of the worldwide ministry by churches and individual Christians.
  1. Serving the UBS worldwide fellowship by:
  • applying UBS standards in all aspects of Bible Society work in the context of national opportunities and possibilities;
  • keeping the Society informed of regional and worldwide UBS developments in policy and practice, and keeping the UBS informed about the Society’s activities;
  • providing and receiving mutual assistance to and from other Bible Societies through coordinated UBS channels;
  • providing to the UBS the annual budgets and financial reports approved by the board and with regular up-to-date information on all relevant matters, including finance and production.

The above list of key responsibilities is not exhaustive. The incumbent will be called upon to carry out any other duties in line with the role.

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  Date :  11 May 2023